24 mai 2013

New piece on the easel

This one is a guy I affectionately call Key Demon and about which I wrote earlier.
I must've spent 4 or 5 hours on his pencil. Finished it this morning, sealed it with acrylic medium and now preparing to start the underpainting.

I'll keep you posted on the progress. (And as always, any and all comments are welcome.)

On a side note, I recently recommended you, my faithful readers, some books that I found were particularily helpful for the creative types. By the author Steven Pressfield.

If I may recommend another title this morning, it is called Manage Your Day-To-Day and was brought to us my the folks over at 99u.com .

My review is this: Yes. Buy it. Read it.
Or don't... what do I care? I'll be busy painting anyways.

3 commentaires:

Vincent Gagnon (Vigg) a dit...

Ho ça va être pas mal ça!!
Et c'est noté pour le bouquin :^)

Louis-Philippe St-Laurent a dit...

Tu me diras ce que tu en auras pensé! ^_^


holy banana! c'est hot Louis-Philippe! :)))