02 mai 2013

Bone Demon Head... thing...

Two days ago, I had a dream.
I mean... I dream every night but the dream I wanna talk about happened two days ago.

I dreamed I was working on an illustration. I was at the finishing touches. 

At some point, I became conscious I was dreaming. 
Now... I have lucid dreams every once in a while and most of the time, I go: "Woohooo! It's a dream! Let's go (insert crazy death-defying activity)-ing!"
But this time I was like: "Aaaw F**K! It's a dream! This awesome piece of work is not real, I'm not at my easel and I suck."
Immediately after, I thought that just maybe, I could try to memorize it and actually paint it in the real world.

And you know what? It kinda worked.
I went to sketch as soon as I got up and put down just enough on paper so I could remember the original image later on.

So yeah... I'm at the early stages but here's a character study for the bone-demon-thing I saw that night.

Comments welcome.

Pictured: My Blackwing. I love my 602.

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