22 août 2013

A lovely graveyard and a country church

Another plein-air outing from the beginning of the month.
We were spending the week in the Laurentians (near St-Jérôme) and I took an afternoon to paint a bit.

Had a lot of fun!

The location. It was lovely.

My setup. I tried painting standing up this time. I liked it.

01 août 2013

Fantasy Illustrations


Here are the three illustrations I photographed yesterday.
My first shot at fantasy illustration since... since ever.

Life's weird... fantasy fiction is what made me want to become an illustrator in the first place. At age 35, I've just allowed myself to take a shot at it.

Acrylic on board, 20"x16"

Oil on board, 16"x12"

Oil on board, 18"x13"

Taking Pictures


Tonight was pictures time.

Invigorated by the advice of illustrators Dan dos Santos and Dave Palumbo and wanting to impress Jon Schindehette at IlluxCon this fall, I (with the precious help of my love) took pictures of the three illustrations I managed to pull off in my spare time this year.

Can't wait to show you the finished images!

Here's what my setup looked like.

Also pictured: 25% of the mess in my studio.