22 mars 2014

Self-portrait #2

Another experiment in self-portrait.
Tried the Zorn palette for the first time. Was really impressed with the versatility of those colors.

Learned a lot. Enjoyed myself. All in all, a success.

Oil on canvas, 14"x18".

18 mars 2014

Monster Eyes

Other eye sketches inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos for the ArtOrder Tiny Pleasures challenge.

Top: Tsathoggua. Bottom: Azathoth.

Black Prismacolor on watercolor paper.

13 mars 2014

Goldfish Casein Study

Felt like painting a fish today. Fishes are fun to paint.

It was great but the takeaway is that I have to learn to handle paint.

Oh... and that my home-made titanium white isn't worth shit.
It's got all those lumps (when it should be smooth), it's glossy (when it should be matte) and it doesn't close (this morning, as an experiment, I rinsed off a layer of that white I applied to canvas the day I made it with a mere trickle from the tap — the paint is supposed to be waterproof after 8 to 10 days).