20 août 2014

Tortoise head

Another watercolor in the painting a day series.
I haven't used watercolor seriously since the late 90's... I feel so clumsy after 15 years...

Tortoise head study, roughly 30 minutes, used this picture for reference.

19 août 2014

18 juin 2014

Teratoma #2

I... I don't know. I'm fascinated by the idea that such a thing can even exist.
I'll be exploring this...

16 juin 2014

Teratoma #1

Some kind of... stream of consciousness sketch... I guess...

I mean... I kinda knew I was going to draw some kind of weird tumor-thing like this. But the fun part is that I absolutely didn't know how it would end up. I just let the pencil do its thing.

All in all, nothing fancy but a fun sketch.

Hope you enjoy.

20 mai 2014


Played around with a water brush and an ink brush (both pictured) over a quick coloured pencil sketch.
It was fun to push the pigment around and experiment with the effects.

12 mai 2014


Oil sketch in a narrow palette.
Trying to keep a certain energy in the touch.

Lots of questions but no answers yet. This is good, it means I need to keep on painting.

10 avril 2014

Short Oil Study

Really just for the fun of it.
Going for flow in my brush strokes and balance in my colors.

Also, after... I dunno... 15 years, I made peace with black. We're friends now.

24"x36", oil on canvas.
Private collection.

02 avril 2014

Barnacles Study

I've been playing around with an idea recently...
I can't tell you what it is. And I have good reasons.

I can show you this without compromising my project, though.

Acrylics, fun and oils on canvas.

22 mars 2014

Self-portrait #2

Another experiment in self-portrait.
Tried the Zorn palette for the first time. Was really impressed with the versatility of those colors.

Learned a lot. Enjoyed myself. All in all, a success.

Oil on canvas, 14"x18".

18 mars 2014

Monster Eyes

Other eye sketches inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos for the ArtOrder Tiny Pleasures challenge.

Top: Tsathoggua. Bottom: Azathoth.

Black Prismacolor on watercolor paper.

13 mars 2014

Goldfish Casein Study

Felt like painting a fish today. Fishes are fun to paint.

It was great but the takeaway is that I have to learn to handle paint.

Oh... and that my home-made titanium white isn't worth shit.
It's got all those lumps (when it should be smooth), it's glossy (when it should be matte) and it doesn't close (this morning, as an experiment, I rinsed off a layer of that white I applied to canvas the day I made it with a mere trickle from the tap — the paint is supposed to be waterproof after 8 to 10 days).

25 février 2014

Mixing my own casein paint - Experiment no.2

Awright... I have news about Experiment no. 1. The paint rotted. My tube smelled like a corpse decomposing in a barn on a hot summer day. Ugly stuff.

I read some more and consulted with some people in my area and it seems that I made at least one big mistake AND that I need to tweak my recipe.

The mistake: I did not sterilize my containers and tools.

As for the possible tweaks: 
Firstly, I think I can use more of my alcaline solution to raise the pH of my paint. 
Secondly, I was recommended a preservative to use in my paint. I had read about sodium otrhophenylphenate but the only place I found to order it sold it in pallets of 500 kg... I had to go for another option...

This mix's recipe:

Casein milk protein — 10 g.
Boiled water — 100 cc.
NaOH — 2 cc. (or about 40 drops)
Grapefruit seed extract (glycerin vehicle) — 1 cc.
Dry pigment (titanium white) — 60 g.

Total cost: I don't care anymore...

Above: First observation, more NaOH made my binder 
more homogeneous faster and a darker yellow.

Above: Mixing away. I used rubbing alcohol to
sterilize my surfaces, containers and tools.

Above: A 37 cc. tube filled to the brim. 
(I actually put too much paint and ended up wasting 
about 15 cc. Most went on my fingers but I also used 
some as a ground on an old canvas I was planning to paint over.)

Above: Messily filling up the tube.

 Above: Done!

As you see on the last picture, I have a lot of unused binder left. I plan to leave it on my shelf and see how much time it takes to rot. The last batch started smelling ater 7 days (the tube took about 18 to 20 days — I thought I was okay since the oxygen input was practically cut off but I was wrong), we'll see how long this one lasts... if it rots at all.

Also, the canvas I prepped with the leftover paint (it was a store-bought gessoed canvas already covered with a layer of acrylics) ended up being glossy. This is strange since casein is supposed to be super-matte. It might be an indication that my recipe is wrong. We'll see how the paint handles and how it interacts with Richeson caseins. I'll keep you posted.