20 décembre 2014

Creepy Eye for my Vulture

I was looking for a way to keep the big shiny vulture eye and at the same time, make it creepily human of some kind.

After a bit of sketching, I (probably) settled on this formula.

Let me know what you think!

19 décembre 2014

17 décembre 2014

Marabou Stork Underpainting

I can't say I FULLY understand how to go about an underpainting but still... I guess that if I find this layer useful while painting later on, I must be doing something right.

15 décembre 2014

12 décembre 2014

Stork - On to the Canvas

Drew my marabou stork on canvas. I like to loosely place the composition in charcoal before the underpainting stage. It's also where I tweak some details from the initial sketch (angle of the bill, eye placement, replaced gular sac with jacket).

My 4 year-old daughter insisted on helping.
She did the dark coat and parts of the ruff. Her line is much more vibrant than mine... I still have much to learn, obviously.

Also, she named the bird "Aticeg".

10 décembre 2014

Marabou Stork

A carrion bird makes for an awesome creepy portrait.

I need a little bit more research on the costume, though. I know I want the white ruff but I still need to match an appropriate jacket with that. Fortunately, costume history books are not lacking here.

09 décembre 2014

Mr. Toad -- Done

I think he's pretty much done.
On to the next one! I'll keep you posted.

Oil on canvas, 8"x16"
Original available.

04 décembre 2014

28 novembre 2014

A Neighbour


The other morning while walking to school with my kids, I saw my neighbour.
He was wearing his full cycling outfit (he cycles to work every morning, which is more than I can boast) and I understand that it's functional clothing and all... but still... I was amazed at the overall effect.

Later that day, while sketching I tried to reconstruct the image from memory.

This is a first attempt at working without with less outlines and more shapes. I'll continue exploring.