23 décembre 2014

Moving Blogs

A quick note to let you know that Google's strategy to ignore and let die Blogger so people will move on has worked for me.

Click here to visit my new tumblr.

Thank you for your patronage!

20 décembre 2014

Creepy Eye for my Vulture

I was looking for a way to keep the big shiny vulture eye and at the same time, make it creepily human of some kind.

After a bit of sketching, I (probably) settled on this formula.

Let me know what you think!

19 décembre 2014

17 décembre 2014

Marabou Stork Underpainting

I can't say I FULLY understand how to go about an underpainting but still... I guess that if I find this layer useful while painting later on, I must be doing something right.

15 décembre 2014

12 décembre 2014

Stork - On to the Canvas

Drew my marabou stork on canvas. I like to loosely place the composition in charcoal before the underpainting stage. It's also where I tweak some details from the initial sketch (angle of the bill, eye placement, replaced gular sac with jacket).

My 4 year-old daughter insisted on helping.
She did the dark coat and parts of the ruff. Her line is much more vibrant than mine... I still have much to learn, obviously.

Also, she named the bird "Aticeg".

10 décembre 2014

Marabou Stork

A carrion bird makes for an awesome creepy portrait.

I need a little bit more research on the costume, though. I know I want the white ruff but I still need to match an appropriate jacket with that. Fortunately, costume history books are not lacking here.

09 décembre 2014

Mr. Toad -- Done

I think he's pretty much done.
On to the next one! I'll keep you posted.

Oil on canvas, 8"x16"
Original available.

04 décembre 2014