31 décembre 2013

The Molting of the North American Chocolate-Covered Marshallow Cookie

Scientists have released footage of the rare molting process of the Whippet, a sub-species of the North American Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Cookie.

Enjoy a glimpse of this fragile organism as its life cycle unfolds before your eyes.

21 décembre 2013

[I think it's an elephant] Eye Study

Feeling bored so I grabbed my brushes. I grabbed a brush, actually. A 1/2" flat.
This is casein, around 4"x6".
I must've spent about 20 or 25 minutes on this.

07 décembre 2013

04 décembre 2013

Small —very small— Evening Sketch

I might develop this further. It's fan art. Rasputin from Mike Mignola's Hellboy.

Oh... I also did another still life study last night. Casein, 45 minutes... which I will NOT show you... oooh no... Learned a lot is all I'll say.