12 mars 2013

Hyena study - Done

Here's a quick study in acrylics on canvas paper, 5"x7".

I haven't used actual paints for my illustration work for years now. (I've been storyboarding for the last 6 years.) I'm rusty and I need to get back on track.

This study was an exercise aimed at my painting muscle and it paid off. I spent about two hours on it and to my delight, the sequence was pretty fluid: drawing, underpainting, painting. Each step came as naturally as it can without me having to think too much about it. Which is a good thing.

I will be doing more of these while I work on my porfolio pieces. I need 4 to 6 good fantasy pieces done by next September to bring to IlluxCon and I intend to pull it off.

Any and all comments are welcome but the negative criticism will help me most in my endeavor

Oh! And on a side note, I've been reading books lately.
You know those wood pulp rectangles with squiggly black markings all over that you open up and gaze at? I love those.

Anyway, there are two books I would like to recommend to ALL CREATIVE people out there. They're must reads. For real.

The first one is Steven Pressfield's Turning Pro. Changed my life.
The second one is Improv Wisdom by Patricia Ryan Madson. Positively liberating.

See you next week!

2 commentaires:

Mel Milton a dit...

whoooo hooooo!!! Turned out great!

I was excited to see the post today heheh. guess I better come up with something for this week ;)

thanks for the book links. Ive been gobbling up quite a few myself lately. Will have to add these to my que

keep on keepin on!

Louis-Philippe St-Laurent a dit...

Thanks man!

You sure are expected to post something by Friday. I'll keep an eye out. ;-)

Let me know if you have book titles to share, I'm interested to catch up with what my friends are reading.