05 mars 2013

Hyena study

Change of pace tonight.

I obviously felt like painting but I went for a "just for fun" piece. It's a snarling hyena head.
Had time to do the drawing, the underpainting and the first pass on the mouth before I was KO.

I'm aiming for regularity and order in my painting practice. I decided an animal study could do no harm.

I'll keep you posted and show you the finished study when it's done.

2 commentaires:

Mel Milton a dit...

Awesome thus far! Lookin forward to seein it progress

Keep on keepin on!

Louis-Philippe St-Laurent a dit...

Thanks, man! I'll keep you posted.

In fact, since you're one of my only friends who's joined me on G+, you'll be among the firsts to see it! ;-)