01 février 2014

Mixing my own casein paint - Experiment no.1

I'm writing this down both to share with you and to have a reference point when I try this again.

I mixed my own casein paint today with a pretty straightforward recipe.

Here's what I used:

Casein milk protein (store bought) — 12 g.
Water (tap) — 120 g.
Sodium Hydroxyde (NaOH 50% solution) — 8 drops
Raw Umber (dry pigment) — 60 g. (or 125 ml)

Total cost is around $7.00.

Above: The milk casein 15 hours after adding the NaOH. 
The texture was then completely homogeneous.

Above: Starting with a small amount of pigment.

Above: Ongoing.

Above: I didn't know how much pigment I would need 
so it was quite the experimental approach. 
The "Oops! more pigment... oh... now more binder... 
ah! more pigment again... oh! this looks just right!" kind.

Above: My tube with paint. It's a 110 cc.

Above: I ended up with about 60 cc. of paint which is 
more than twice the amount in the Richeson Shiva Casein 
paint tubes (which are, I believe, the only brand of 
commercially available casein paint available).

I have yet to try the paint but it looks like regular paint both in saturation and in texture.

I'll keep you posted as I try different colors.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I only used half of the casein preparation for 125 cc. of pigments. Next time, I'll get 250 cc., use all the casein and fill my 110 ml tube.

EDIT #2: Hahahahahahaaaa! LOL! My paint's rotten! I used the tube 12 days after mixing it and it was ok. 7 days later, though, it smells like a cow barn... in a bad way. I threw it away. I have to find a preservative or a stabilizer to add to my casein if I want to keep my paints longer than 2 weeks.

2 commentaires:

Vincent Gagnon (Vigg) a dit...

Je suis impressionné mon ami!! T'as même entubé, ça vient d'où ce beau tube vierge?

Louis-Philippe St-Laurent a dit...

Ouais! J'aurais pu tout mettre ça dans un p'tit pot mais je préfère les tubes.

Celui-là, je l'ai pris à la COOP de l'UQAM mais ils en tiennent aussi chez Kama Pigments.