12 septembre 2013

IlluxCon 6 - Day 1

Quick blog post from my hotel room here in Allentown PA.

Today was the first full day at IlluxCon and it has already been very intense.

I started with a portfolio review with Zoe Robinson (Art Director at Fantasy Flight).
It was brilliant. Brilliant.
She basically sent me back to square one and gave me a new direction to take my first step. Again.

I also spoke with David Palumbo, who's a terrific guy; Eric Velhagen, who, like me, was a storyboard artist before plunging head first into fantasy illustration; Jon Schindehette, who's awesome and super nice; I also met Jeannie and Pat, who ARE IlluxCon...

So... yeah. Big day.
I'll keep you guys posted on how the rest of my weekend goes.

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