10 juillet 2013

Lookit I built!

Inspired by the ever awesome James Gurney and with the help of people with higher intellectual capabilities than me (that's my girlfriend), I built this plein air easel!

I'm super excited!

Now all I need is some time and the courage to go and miserably fail at my first painting outings.

I'll keep you guys posted. (And I can provide detailed information on the building of my easel if you're curious.)

Front view...
...aaaand back view. Exciting isn't it?

3 commentaires:

Marie-France a dit...

ooh, crafty

Vincent Gagnon (Vigg) a dit...

Mon p'tit MacGyver toi!

Louis-Philippe St-Laurent a dit...

Crafty is my middle name.


Oh! Et la semaine prochaine, je vous montre comment j'ai réparé ma transmission manuelle avec un q-tips et le p'tit sceau en aluminium d'un flacon d'aspirin! ;-)