04 avril 2013

Finding and reaching new audiences

Today, I'll outline a very simple way to reach new audiences.
I've been doing this little routine for a couple of years now and I have no reasons to think it doesn't work.

First, you will need art. Art that you want to share.
Secondly, you will need pre-paid envelopes. Why pre-paid? Because credit card companies provide them, that's why.

Here, a couple of sketches I made to try out some new pencils and the envelopes of the lucky organizations who will get the art.

Next, I simply choose who gets what by using the shove-the-sketches-in-random-envelopes method.

I then ask my assistant to mail said envelopes.

(Yes. It's still that &*%$#@! cold in April in Montreal.) 

At the end of the day, I can go to bed knowing that I have not only reached new audiences with my art but I also made the credit card companies spend money on our valuable postal system.

Some will argue that robots open that kind of mail and that any document that is not a credit card application form gets thrown away without even having had the chance to (even remotely) make someone happy (or less miserable) with its beauty and depth. To these people, I say: the robots themselves see and manipulate the art and feel the kindness. They are not below the considerations of the artist. And who knows? It might even help to provoke the Singularity? Even if it makes it happen 1 or 2 nanoseconds earlier I will consider myself among the allies of our new robotic overlords...

I... er...



Next week's post will be with real stuff. Real projects. Like. For real.

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